Selah Neuro Respite Care is a specialized care that serves the loved ones that are the primary caregiver to a child or young adult ages 2-35 that has a mild to severe neurological or developmental disorder.

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Selah Respite care wants to help carry the load of having a loved one with special needs. We are here to provide relief and comfort to the families we serve. We understand that a diagnosis does not just affect one person but the whole family. We want to help decrease the rates of burn out, divorce, depression, abandonment, abuse and neglect that can live in a family with a loved one with a challenging disorder.


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We offer specialized child care that is offered in your home! All of our caregivers have at least two years or more experience in Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy . All of our caregivers have a bachelors degree or higher. Our CEO spends her days working with children with severe autism in the local school district. The whole team is experienced and ready to serve you and your loved ones.

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Verified Information packages that includes a resume , background check and much more information on your assigned caregiver comes with all respite care packages. An Individual camera that connects to any smart phone for parent check ins and monitoring is included with most respite care packages. Each family will be able to put their own schedule together and we will work together to develop a respite care plan.


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